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Before there were ever CDs there was already Roberto Luz music.... recorded for cassettes, which were great to throw in your bag and travel with because they are indestructable. Unfortunately, most people don't have a tape player anymore, so I took the best of the pre CD music (from 2Luz and Bonobo Dreams) and put it into this very psychedelic and Latin collection. This one goes all over the universe!

This music was recorded a 1/2" reel to reel tape machine and a Tascam "ministudio", which used a four track Cassette format, so there is lots of dubbing. One of the joys of digital recording is that you don't need noise reduction. In the old days it was a balancing act between getting out the machine noise and preserving your high end. The work was done wherever the machine might be that day. It was really seat of your pants stuff, but that is what taught me to be an audio engineer.


You can listen to a couple of the tunes by clicking on the headsets , you can download them by clicking on the world.



Listen to The Esmerald Forest
Download The Esmerald Forest
Listen to Diggin up Uranium
Download Diggin up Uranium





The CDs are available from me here in Guatemala... I am arranging a US distributor and will let you know when thats set up.

You can buy the CD for $10 plus $5 shipping through PayPal by clicking on the "Buy CD" button. You can Download it for $9 by clicking on the "Download CD" button.


The Songs:

1.) Tamarindo: An instrumental flute tune with full instrumentation. A very "alegre" start to this very eclectic CD.

2.) Pluck: A very fast, plucky and intricate instrumental boogy tune.

3.)Palomitai: Andean Reggae with Juan Sisay on Vocals.

4.) Remolino: a whirlwind has descended on the studio.... another instrumental written to tell a story

5.) Latino: This is the essence of Latino thought and feeling. If you get this one you must have some latin blood. If you don't, you got no hip movement.

6.) Baile!: Latin dance toon done with a full orchestra in my tiny studio. I always wanted to play flute in a big band

7.) Flotando: This is what it feels like on a long hot day while hanging out at the lake shore... totally mellow and laid back.

8.) #2: Get down boogy with kalimbas, lots of percussion, and a camel ride across the sahara with the dust storm creeping around the horizon.

10.) Siembra: This is an environmental tune written for SIEMBRA, our grass roots eco organization. There is a real big problem here with the people cutting down the cloud forests that fringe the volcanos without replanting them. This is a message directly to the choppers.

11.) Fudgies Dream: We had this great dog who smiled all the time. This is the story of one of his doggy dreams.

12.) Turn Around: Tropical Rock with a great message

13.) Awe': I Just don't know whats wrong with me, I feel like my soul wants to fly!!! A Lake Atitlan anthem with Surunda Luz on backup vocals.

14.) From Here to There: a trip around the universe and back.

15.) Good Morning: Get up in the morning and just look out your door.... you are in paradise, if you can only see it.

Flutes, whistles, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Steel drum, Percussion, Drums, vocals, Noise Orchestra, loops by Roberto Luz