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The theme was water.... rain, storms, ocean, river...and the many ways that it takes to get to the sea. We humans are the same... we're all going to theWaterfall same place, we've just taken different paths to get there. These are some soundwaves that will help you to attain a state of mind to find a mellow path in the hectic world we live in today... a way to help search for some peace. Rivers to the Sea was recorded as a special project in the summer of 2002 with Bruce Deselle. This is a "New Age, meditation, space music, ambient,etc." instrumental CD that is designed to allow you the mental space to slow down from the fast pace of millenial life. It includes a suite called "Salutation to the Sun", a 12 part piece that can be used as a background for this yoga exercise.


You can listen to a couple of the tunes by clicking on the headsets , you can download them by clicking on the world.



Listen to The Esmerald Forest
Download The Esmerald Forest
Listen to Diggin up Uranium
Download Diggin up Uranium





The CDs are available from me here in Guatemala... I am arranging a US distributor and will let you know when thats set up.

You can buy the CD for $15 (in the US and Canada)including shipping through PayPal by clicking on the "Buy CD" button. You can Download it for $9 by clicking on the "Download CD" button.



The Songs:

1.) Salutation to the Sun: The Salutation to the Sun is a Yoga excercise that uses a cycle of 12 different movements to limber the body and prepare the mind and spirit for the coming day. The movements of this song reflect each position and can be used as a guide. This piece contains the finest fragment of music that I have ever written.

2.) Dream of Sprites: a tune for a hidden glade played with a Pan flute.

3.) Emergence: Tune written with Bruce. It is sparse and very Zen, with waterfalls and echoes

4.) Windwater: This song is written by Bruce and features his guitar and mandolin.

5.) Sweet River: Softly flowing, hauntingly calling us to a float down the sweet river on a long summer afternoon.

6.) Ebb and Flow: The parakeets are back! Played with a Steel drum as base.

7.) Queen: I confess, I used this one again. Its from "A Flight to Jambu Island", and was called "The Queen of the Ashes".

8.) Garifuna Delta: A Steel Drum/ Guitar/ bass jam

9.) Sunrise Beach: this is one of Bruce's songs. You can hear his fine guitar work all over the place here.

10.) Diluvean Whispers: Whats it like to play music with the whales? Here it is. I like how this one came out!

Flutes, whistles, Guitars, Keyboards, Steel drum, Percussion, by Roberto Luz

Guitars, Bass, mandolin, keyboards by Bruce Deselle