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Roberto LuzThe Road to Paradise

The Road To Paradise

a modern day parable


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The Road to Paradise is finished!!!! At least I've gotten together a CD with the music, the story line, and a short video of "Diggin up Uranium", one of the tunes from the musical (you can watch it to the left.) It's a science fiction story about the near future done with music, song, dance, and a lot of imagination.

It's a story of Love in the ruins of our civilization. It's a story about choosing a new path and creating your own reality. The whole story is told below...The different scenes of the story are represented by songs, each one with it's own sound and orchestration: the musical content of each one depends on the mood. I ended up playing most of the instruments and doing most of the vocal parts as well. The exceptions are noted below. This piece was written to be performed as a theatre piece with dancers, special scenery, multimedia projection and actors. Who knows, some day it may even be performed live.....


You can listen to a couple of the tunes by clicking on the headsets , you can download them by clicking on the world.



Listen to The Esmerald Forest
Download The Esmerald Forest
Listen to Diggin up Uranium
Download Diggin up Uranium





The CDs are available from me here in Guatemala... I am arranging a US distributor and will let you know when thats set up.

You can buy the CD for $10 plus $5 shipping through PayPal by clicking on the "Buy CD" button. You can Download it for $9 by clicking on the "Download CD" button.


The Songs:

1.) Welcome: An instrumental introduction to the world of the near future. You can follow along with the flow of the story by using the song numbers in the story below.

2.) Turn it Off!: A plea from Arturo to Yoshia when he meets her.

3.)The Esmerald Forest: Latino salsa rock with Ezzie Esposito on vocals and magic violin.

4.) I Met a Girl: Punky Rock electric story of our lives

5.) The Lunar Mine Crew: Springy and upbeat trip into outer space... all to the beat of marching feet.

6.) Diggin up Uranium: Hot Salsa version of mining on the moon: this includes the most alegre cracking of the moon ever recorded.

7.) The Cosmic Blues: Electric Flute Blues.... there is a nice doubled flute effect on this one... pretty dramatic. About how you might feel after cracking the moon.

8.) The Prophet: Andean Electric Reggae, complete with samponias and prophecy.

9.) Our Brother Speaks: Raunchy Electric blues, about what you would expect if you had iust pissed off the Owner of Everything. With Jeza on Oud.

10.) Don't U Remember?: A very disturbing heavy Industrial Metal tune. Lots of folks DON'T like it. I think it's because it's so angry.... about how you might feel after getting trashed by big brother. This song uses the noise orchestra.

11.) Yoshias Lament: Very mellow ballad about a sweet, confused lady.Featuring Ezzie Esposito on Vocals and Violin.

12.) The Road to Paradise: Tropical Rock with a great message

13.) My Dream: Sweet pop finale featuring Layla Aitkin on vocals

Flutes, whistles, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Steel drum, Percussion, Drums, vocals, Noise Orchestra, loops by Roberto Luz


The Story

1.) Sometime in the teens of the 21st century an everyday boy (Arturo) meets an everyday girl (Yoshia) at a Vibe bar when he spots her as she's being strapped into an xstazy machine. 2.) He walks over and with one glance convinces her that she would rather talk to him than do it mechanically, so instead they go dancing 3.) at "The Esmerald Forest", a dance and romance hall.4.) They fall in love, get married, and are starting to have children when the government announces a new energy war and Arturo is placed in the position of either joining the army to go fight in Mongolia or joining a peacers brigade and shipping off to the moon to mine heavy metals.

5.) So Arturo ships out to the moon, Yoshia goes to work in a defense plant to make ends meet, and the kids are sent off to day care to learn how to be good citizens.

One on the moon Arturo finds the work very hard, and soon sinks into a blank mood. Yoshia tries to find enthusiasm for the few hours that she has with her kids, but she's just too tired. The kids are getting along OK, although she is noticing that they are picking up some strange attitudes at school.

As things go sliding slowly into lonely state for our heroes, their love letters seem to keep each other alive, and they start communicating more and more often.

6.) Then, with big explosions and a lot of noise, the unthinkable happens: the miners manage to crack off a piece of the moon with one of their laser blasts. Arturo is hurt while trying to survive the explosion, and ends up being sent back to earth to a psychological clinic, where all of the disasters survivors are sent in an attempt to keep the whole thing secret as long as possible. He is very Bummed! 7.)

When he stops getting to communicate with Yoshia, Arturo realizes that something must be wrong, and slowly figures out that the accident did indeed happen, and that the men that he had put his trust in had betrayed it in the name of patriotism. 8.) He gets so vocal about it that Our Brother decides to deal with it directly, sending Arturo a message that he better step in line..... 9.)

His reaction is extreme anger and frustration with the thing that he most believed in his whole life 10.) .He is cast out by Our Brother and has to make his way back home

Back at home Yoshia is going through a problem where one of her neighbors has accused her of disloyalty before the councils because of her continual talk of her husband, who, being a proscribed person, should legally be forgotten for the good of the nation. 11.) Yoshia believes in her man and defends him until she is in a dangerous position herself. About this time Arturo shows up, and is talking a new line. He sees no hope for civilization as it then exists, and has come back to gather his family together to look for "the end of the road", a mythical place where the long arm of the government runs out.12.)

They take off, and the last thing we know about them is a pirate radio broadcast from somewhere far to the south, in the forbidden zone. "This is the sound of Paradise, coming to you from the center of your heart: wake up to whats real: find your paradise at the end of the hiway.....13.)"