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I have recorded five CDs so far, as well as four or five cassettes, and the fire is still burning strong. I am currently working on the sixth, Quasimodos Revenge. You can get more information about the CDs and have the opportunity to download or listen to a couple of mp3s from each disk by clicking on the CD below or the button to the left.

Zapatos ViejosA Flight to Jambu IslandMambo BalamRivers to the SeaThe Road to Paradise

Things have definitely progressed since the old days, sitting in the Garden of the Gods blowing on my flute and figuring out how to pull those sounds from a stick of metal. I have had the good luck to have played with some very special musicians, and look forward to the many colaborations that have yet not been concluded.

My first recording experience was in Hawaii, where I helped my buddy Miguel do a training tape for the University of California at Berkeley rowing team. They ended up winning a gold medal at the olympics using the tape, and I was hooked on recording music forever.


So I set up a four track and started by recording "Dragonflower", a crude but earnest attempt that came out pretty good except that the recording quality sucked because of the equipment we were using. There followed a series of cassetes including "2Luz", "Bonobo Dreams", a whole slew of unnamed recordings.

When I stepped into the CD era, I began with "A Flight to Jambu Island", a fantasy series, quickly followed by a collection of older stuff, "Zapatos Viejos". By then we had formed Discos Atitlan, a cooperative record label, and all kinds of projects started flying. I played on everything from a kids music CD with Argentina Sojuel: "Cantemos", A Trova CD with Juan Sisay called "El Caminante", A Guatemalan "Heavy Metal" band called Diaz Negros and their CD, Some backup tracks for Jeza on his "Man in the Mirror" CD, A CD with a Guatemalan collective called "Pata de Conejo", and lots more.

With all this cooperation I recorded "Mambo Balam" with the musicians from Discos Atitlan, and followed it a year later with a colaboration with Bruce Deselle called "Rivers to the Sea". Then I worked for two years and produced the music for"The Road to Paradise", a musical theatre piece that has yet to be performed.

I still spend a lot of time recording different peoples music (as well as my own) and work up the energy every year to direct the Festival Atitlan, the prime alternative cultural event on Lake Atitlan. This, along with helping to care for the earth and a lot of quality paradise time is how I spend my days.